Pregnant Kristi

Just because I am pregnant doesn't mean that I can't still look sexy, right? Yeah I didn't think so either. Today I felt like wearing my sexy pink snake print dress and I think it looks even better on me now than it did before! It clings to my ass ever so nicely and it gives me easy access whenever the urge to masterbate comes on. It was a good thing that I was wearing that dress today, because I was definitely horny as fuck. It was that type of horny that makes me not even want to find a place to sit down, but to just lift my leg up on a table and start feeling up on my pussy. And I did just that... My sexy shaved pussy always feels so good to run my fingers down, and to slowly slide them deep inside. I love to rub on my juicy clit and keep rubbing until I have the biggest wettest orgasm ever!, which I did today.