Pregnant Kristi

Being that I am horny all the time now, I am constantly trying to find new ways to get off. I love having some variety...hehe... So I have been using all my sex toys that I haven't used in months, and today I was looking through my "toy box" and I saw my very first glass dildo that I ever bought. I remembered how much fun I had playing with this one and how hard it made me get off so I definitely wanted to try it again. I laid down on my bed and started stripping out of my clothes and just in that time my pussy had already gotten soaking wet just thinking about sliding my glass toy deep inside and giving myself a good fuckin ;) I started rubbing my fingers up and down my wet slit and sliding them inside teasing my juicy pussy, then I grabbed my toy and slid the head inside. I pulled it back out and rubbed it in circles around my hard clit, then I stuck it back inside and started fucking myself just the way I like it... hard and deep! I pulled it out a few times to tease my clit with it, then I continued fucking my wet pussy....!
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