Pregnant Kristi

Early in my pregnancy I wanted to dress up in something sexy and kinky before I couldn't fit into anything anymore so I was digging through my closet and found my favorite red stripper boots and a sexy white zip up dress! I put these on with some see through black thongs and I looked really hot! I wanted to do fun pictures so I climbed up on my kitchen island and started showing off my boots. My legs and ass look really sexy when I am wearing these boots and I am sure you can see that =) So I showed off my perfect legs on my hands and knees, then I laid down on the island and started to unzip my dress. I unzipped it enough to let my cute little titties fall out so I could pinch my ever sensitive nipples and make my pussy wet! After I had enough nipple play I sat up and pulled my dress all the way off and started pulling my thongs up into my wet slit. I moved them side to side rubbing on my hard clit, making my pussy ever so wet! Then I couldn't take anymore of the teasing and I grabbed my big fat blue dildo....
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