Pregnant Kristi

I finally got the matching loveseat to the couch I already had and I loved it! I love the way the vinyl feels so nice and cool on my skin =) I couldn't wait to do some pictures on it! As I was cleaning the house and everything I had on my cute red top and my brown silky panties! My belly has been getting so big from the pregnancy I can't believe how much I am already showing! You could really see the bump in this red top! So I needed to take a break from cleaning and I was good and horny since it had been all day since I had last gotten off. I sat down on the edge of my couch and started rubbing on my nipples and juicy pussy through my clothes. I didn't want to waste any time today so I stripped out of my top and started pinching on my nipples! My nipples have been super sensitive every since I got pregnant and I really love having them played with now! So after a quick nipple pinching session, I started to pull off my panties so I could play with my pussy! I pulled them all the way off and started rubbing my wet pussy and clit and it felt incredible! I pinched my clit between my fingers and slid my fingers deep inside my wet pussy, then I started rubbing my clit in circles and it made my pussy so wet! The combination of rubbing my clit and fingering my juicy tight pussy made me cum so hard today! Mmmmmm that's the kind of breaks I love to take...hehe!